Problem & Facts


Problem & Facts

The Problem
ADDICTION is destroying lives and STEALING HOPE

The Environment
The Netherlands is a forerunner in legalization.

  • Soft Drugs legalized in 1971
  • Estimated up to 12,000 (il)legal selling points or dealers
  • 30% (4.5 million) of tourists come soley for drugs
  • Red Light district since 15th century, currently 250 “windows” in Amsterdam
  • Prostitution legalized in 2001
  • Estimated up to 150,000 men, woman & children in the (il)legal sex industry

The Facts
1 in 10 struggle with addiction.
Over 2 million people struggling with issues like drug and alcohol, internet and gaming addictions.

100,000 people each year attempt suicide; 400,000 consider it.
35% of high school students use cannabis regularly.
72% of high school students binge drink.

The Urgency & Our Stragety
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