Our Programs


Our Programs

The Gate
Reaching over 1,500 youth each month through 8 locations, each offering a safe place for youth in country towns where boredom leads to high addiction rates.

Reaching the "at risk" and functioning addicts.

Life Center
A multi-faceted ministry center:
  • Outreach to addicted and broken
  • Housing for people in crisis
  • Discipleship for young adults
  • Counseling for those with life-controlling issues
  • Referral services
  • Reintegration
Reaching the functioning addicts and most hopeless.

Reaching addicts, prostitutes, gang members and the homeless through street evangelism and referral services.

Reaching the most hopeless.

TC Thrift Store De Fabriek (The Factory) - yet to start
To create funding for the ministry of Teen Challenge and reintegration for our residents.